We as a network do not endorse all the material presented or linked on this page. By the nature of our diverse network, some members would agree with any particular item and some members would likely disagree at some points. This material is part of our ongoing discussion.


These articles are written (usually co-authored) by BtD network members, pursuing the BtD mission to diminish misunderstandings, sharpen each other, and encourage fruitful discussion of important yet contentious issues in the reaching of Muslims.

  • When does a Movement Count – Two Perspectives   Does the size of a “movement” make any difference?  L.D. Waterman and Kevin Higgins offer two perspectives on this issue.
  • Transforming Perspectives – Anthology  Sometimes people have wondered: “Does anyone change their perspective through the discussions at BtD? Or does everyone just air their own opinions and go home with no concrete result? BtD’s Facilitation Team gathered personal testimonies from five of our members, which were published by Missio Nexus in their Anthology.
  • The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad: True or False?
    Propaganda and rewriting history play a major role in efforts to convince audiences of the views held by various groups. Can a purported historical document be trusted as genuine? Can the internet adequately answer the question of credibility? Here is a fascinating case study from BtD interactions.
  • Bridging the “Socio-Religious” Divide: A Conversation Between Two Missiologists – Gene Daniels and L.D. Waterman
    This article captures a conversation between two missiologists, which took place over the course of a year. During that time, both authors spent a week at the Bridging the Divide 2013 consultation, which looks at contextualization in the Muslim world. The impact of that meeting on their conversation and this issue will become apparent during the course of the article.
  • Evangelical Review of Theology (October 2013) – Six BtD-related articles
    Articles and book reviews reflecting global evangelical theology for the purpose of discerning the obedience of faith.
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  • A Further Look at Translating “Son of God” – Michael LeFebvre & Basheer Abdulfadi
    A controversy has emerged in recent years over the best way to translate certain New Testament terms for Muslim cultures, terms like “Son of God” for Jesus and “Father” for God.